Short Story • My Father’s Father

Black and white praying

Note: This is a true short story I wrote after my Pop died. It was part of my healing process and it really helped me come to terms with everything that happened as a result of his death. Names have been changed.  My hands were clasped together and my lips moved quickly. Usually I would … Continue reading Short Story • My Father’s Father

Cinderella Re-Telling • Before The Pumpkin Turns

Cinderella stepmother

Note: This short story is a re-telling of Cinderella that I wrote a few years ago for my creative writing class in college. It's my version of what would've really happened in the story. Cinderella is out for revenge against her step-sisters so she steals her Fairy Godmother's wand and wreaks havoc.  I'm posting it because I just … Continue reading Cinderella Re-Telling • Before The Pumpkin Turns