Thanks for stumbling onto my blog!

I’m Mary, an aspiring writer. I’m in the midst of re-drafting my first manuscript, which I hope to query in summer 2019 (fingers crossed!). I’m also working – slowly but surely – towards a poetry collection about topics such as mental illness, millennials’ position in society and Irish identity.

I’m a journalist by trade, but I’d love to be a novelist; I want to someday walk into a bookstore and see my book on the shelves next to authors I admire and love. Dreams don’t work unless we do, so I’ve been putting in the grind. And I’ll keep at it until that vision becomes reality.

Word Wood contains all sorts of posts on my journey to publication. It’s an outlet for my thoughts on books and writing projects, NaNoWriMo updates, writing inspiration, little scraps of poetry, reviews and lists. Hopefully, any time I start to slack or choose to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine instead of writing a few more words of whatever project I’m ploughing through, the guilty monkey on my back will get me back on track.

Feel free to follow and comment if you’re on a writing journey as well. We’re in this boat together!


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