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I’m such a sucker for answering questions, like my dream date would be me on a comfy sofa and somebody asking me the most random things they can think of. I don’t know why… maybe it’s narcissism!

Anyway, I spotted the Would You Rather bookish tag on Pretty Purple Polka Dots‘ blog and even though I wasn’t tagged to do it, I thought I’d give my answers anyway. Just for fun!

I’ll answer the following questions, then I’ll come up with my own and tag a few people to do it. But if, like me, you fancy getting to know yourself better then feel free to answer them too!

Would you rather…

Only read ebooks or listen to audiobooks?

Only read ebooks. I know some people are die-hard audiobook fans, but I like to set my own pace. Sometimes I read a chapter really quickly, and at times I take it slow. Constantly adjusting the speed would annoy me.

Your favourite book be made into a TV show or a movie?

TV show! Although book-to-movies seem to do better in terms of quality (Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings vs Shadowhunters), I’d prefer a show. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is being made into a Netflix series and I’m so excited about it. I feel like a movie wouldn’t do it justice.

Meet your favourite author or your favourite character?

Favourite author. Some of my favourite characters are evil feckers and I probably wouldn’t be their cup of tea!

Find out you have a long lost sibling or you’re the heir to a European throne?

Long-lost sibling IF I had a sister (I have enough brothers!) but otherwise I’ll take the throne. I wouldn’t mind having my dinner made for me every day, that’s for sure.

Always lose your place in your book or always lose your bookmark?

Always lose my bookmark. I dog-ear anyway… *hides from horrified bookmark-stans*

Always have a new book spoilered or always spill coffee on your book?

Always spill coffee. I don’t mind spoilers too much, but when I’m really invested in a series I do like to be surprised. What’s a little coffee staining once in a while? It’ll give the book character.

Only read ARCs or never get approved for an ARC again?

Never get approved for an ARC again.

Always leave your book on the bus just as you’re about to finish or always be interrupted when you try to read?

Always be interrupted. I’m not a multi-tasker by nature so I can just tune out whoever is talking to me. They’re just white noise.

My questions: (they’re pretty hard!)

1. Write your own novel and never read again OR read as much as you like forever but never write your own novel.

2. Die before reading the last book of a beloved series OR live and find out the author has died before finishing the book

3. Destroy all copies of all the books in the world including ebooks OR wipe out half of humanity’s population Thanos-style

4. Live the rest of your days in a library OR never enter a bookstore again

5. Delete all memory of Harry Potter from the world OR ensure Harry Potter is all anybody talks about ever again

6. Read the perfect book but nobody else can ever read it OR everybody reads this perfect book but you can’t

7. Be stuck on a deserted island with the 50 Shades of Grey series OR the Twilight series. The only way off the island is to read the entire thing (no skimming).

8. Only read Middle Grade books forever OR read any genre you like but you must read one adult romance novel a month for ten years

I tag…

Sharon Leavy from behindgreeneyes.com

Tara Sparling from tarasparlingwrites.com

Meg Grehan from megcathwrites.wordpress.com

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